What’s new

  • Introduced RefreshAsyncRender (public) for TIWCustomRegion and descendants
  • New memory manager MSHeapMM.pas included by default in all IntraWeb installations. To use it, just add MSHeapMM as the first unit in the project file (and comment out/remove any other memory manager reference). MSHeapMM is fully compatible with all Delphi compilers supported by IntraWeb (from 2009 up to Delphi 12)


  • Performance improvement in a few areas – affects all types of IW applications
  • Reduced memory consumption of TIWBaseControl, 8 bytes/instance in x86, 16 bytes/instance in x64 (affects all TIWControl descendants)
  • Small internal refactorings to enhance code compatibility with Lazarus/FPC (release of 1st public version is near)

Bug fixes

  • Controls created at runtime in async calls and assigned to grid cells could fail to trigger async events
  • WebApplication.ShowPrompt could fail to execute the associated callback if the entered string contained special chars
  • Some controls could be in the wrong position within their parent DOM tree when refreshing during async events.
  • Fixes issue where single quotes could be incorrectly removed from fields when posting from an ISAPI or Http.sys application