15.4.1 Version History

What’s new

  • IWjQGrid: New UI modes uiBootstrap4 and uiBootstrap5. Now IWjQGrid is compatible with Boostrap4 and 5 (both via templates and direct use in the page)

Bug fixes

  • https connection in ports other than 443 would fail
  • Using Authentication would fail with 401 error before asking for username/password
  • Using a theme name in IWjQAccordion and IWjQPageControl could fail to retrieve theme CSS files from CDN (when RenderCDNFiles = True)


  • Some template processment, if required, will create png files by default istead of jpg
  • IWjQUI controls (IWjQGrid, IWjQPageControl, IWjQAccordion) were updated to use latest jQuery UI 1.13.2 files. These are the files that will be used when rendering from CDN