15.2.35 Version History


  • RenderBootstrapThemeFile in jQuery Grids (default False). When set to True, IWjQGrid will also render bootstrap-theme.min.css file which adds gradients/animation effects to Bootstrap theme. Plese notice that this is not compatible with standard IWBoostrap theme (thus IWjQGrids used in IWBoostrap applications should set this to False)


  • IWBootstrap 3 and 4 now render JS and CSS files using the same IWPageContext methods as other IW components. This avoids that different controls render duplicate files
  • ContentHandlers: Extension or catch-all content handlers should have precedence over path match when document/extension is not empty (the request URL is composed of path + document + extension, e.g. in ‘/somefolder/index.html’, path=’/somefolder/’, document=’index.html’, extension=’.html’). This means that, for instance, a request to https://yourdomain/somedoc.html will be handled in the following order, if available: (1) a content handler registered for the exact path ‘/somedoc.html’ (2) a content handler registered for html extension, (3) a catch-all content-handler, (4) a content handler registered for ‘/’ path (root or URLBase of the application).

Bug fixes

  • Force HTTPS to retrieve jQGrid/IWBootstrap CDN files so browsers won’t block it (mixed blocking)
  • IWSelect would fail to select multiple items via SelectedValue property
  • Body script files could be rendered twice when using templates
  • IWBootstrap 3 and 4 rendering would conflict with other jQuery plugins using Bootstrap theme
  • Fix rendering of content files (JS and CSS)
  • Fix memory leak in Http.sys server