15.2.31 Version History


  • When RequireSelection is True, IW combo boxes will render a disabled “NoSelectionText” option (IWComboBox, IWDBComboBox, IWDBLookupComboBox, IWListBox, IWDBListBox, IWDBLookupListBox). This means that the control will be rendered with the “NoSelectionText” as the current selection (if no item is selected) but, once a new selection is made, the user won’t be able to go back to it.

Bug fixes

  • IWCertificateManager updated to version Fixed the certificate conversion to PKCS12 (empty certificate could be generated).
  • Attributes used in template could be wrongly parsed if they contain an hyphen (e.g. {%IWEdit1 class=”class1 class-2″ data-target=”#datepicker”})
  • IW applications built as ASPX modules would fail to store start parameters when session starts through any registered content handler