15.2.12 Version History

What’s New

  • IWEdit numeric inputs now can use thousand separator char when formatting strings (when property NumberValidation = nvIntraweb). This option is controlled by RegionalSettings.ThousandSeparator (char) and RegionalSettings.ShowThousandSeparator  (boolean). RegionalSettings is a public property of both ServerController (the global option) and IWApplication (per session option).

Bug fixes

  • Fixes a possible AV when some controls are created/destroyed at runtime


  • IWEdit currency inputs will remove the currency string (e.g. $) from the editing string when control receives focus. The input string is formatted again when control loses focus. This is in accordance with expected behavior of most input controls.
  • Significantly improved rendering performance (on the browser side) when page has many aligned controls.
  • Few important performance improvements on the server side

This version is *not* binary compatible with previous versions 15.1.x. 3rd party libraries (TMS, CG Dev Tools) should work correctly if built again from sources.

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