IntraWeb 17

Designer Change

Thankfully none of our team was directly impacted by Coronavirus, however the indirect impacts of changing family and work situations have caused some delays. We have been back on 17 for a few weeks now and we will begin to provide regular updates again. Note that we update our IntraWeb 17 Facebook page more frequently than this blog.

We are making a small change to the designer. In previous beta builds the designer was embedded directly into the Delphi IDE. Unfortunately this creates a lot of complexities that are also very difficult to debug. We may return to this approach in the future, but for now in the interest of time we have made the designer windows standalone windows.

This small change drastically simplifies our code and will allow us to reach completion sooner.

The designer is still fully integrated for functionality with the Delphi IDE. Property editing is 2 way. The only noticeable difference is that the designer windows now float independently of the IDE.

To access the designer, simply press the Designer button.