IntraWeb History 15.1

15.1.2 Version History


What’s new

  • New IntraWeb Bootstrap 4 Library. IntraWeb Bootstrap 4 is based on latest Bootstrap 4 version (more about it here Once IWBS 4 requires a different set of files, it should not be mixed with IWBS 3 in the same IWForm (it is possible to mix IWBS3 and 4 in the same application though). IWBS 4 was created by IntraWeb users, based on original IWBS 3 and it’s also open source, and incorporated to our setup as an optional component.

Bug fixes

  • Fixes several issues regarding control names using masks (* and ?) in templates
  • Remove cookie if EInvalidAppID is raised
  • IWTreeView (sync) OnClick events fail
  • Redirection could fail if not not using cookies
  • Duplicated controls added to template when using masked names, when controls are contained in a IWFrame
  • SA-GUI doesn’t show icon on task bar
  • CORS check could fail
  • THttpRequest.GetFieldValue fails when there is no space separating after the comma
  • Start content hanlder could fail

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