IntraWeb History 15.0

15.0.14 Version History

Bug fixes

  • New zlib compression based on Cloudflare branch built with unnecessary AVX instructions. This caused x64 applicaitons to crash on very old processors (which don’t support AVX). Unnecessary AVX instructions were removed.
  • ZLib x64 based on Cloudflare needs SSE 4.2 instruction set. IntraWeb will detect SSE 4.2 and disable zlib compression in case it is not supported. A warning will be saved to application log file in this case. Most Intel and AMD processors released after 2008/2009 support it, so this should hardly ever occur.
  • OnHTMLTag could cause error when building IWBS projects in C++ Builder
  • IWBSCustomInput.pas wrongly defines HAS_TFORMATSETTINGS
  • Minor fixes to IWBoostrap
  • OnValidateCacheFileAccess could fail if file name ends with extension other than .tmp
  • IWModalWindow fails to center region when it uses an external template
  • Http.sys only: Fixes unicode chars conversion in query string
  • Fixes IsPostBack when showing a form the first time. Dead code removed
  • If TIWButton has both OnAsyncClick and OnClick assigned, only OnAsyncClick should be hooked/rendered


  • IWBoostrap demos included
  • IWModalWindow rendering enhanced. Minor issues with overlay div were fixed