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CrossTalk Pricing

CrossTalk Pricing

We are still considering pricing options as well. We have several goals, one being simplicity.

Please note that we have not made any final decisions on pricing.Final pricing could be higher than what is listed here. We are postingthis to solicit feedback from users.

Proposed Pricing

All prices are inclusive of the number of developers. For example, if you purchase “2 – 4 developers”, you do not pay that price per developer but only once and then receive a license to use for up to 6 developers within your organization. Developers can use CrossTalk on multiple computers, as it is licensed per developer.

As with all of our developer products, there are no run time or user fees.

Licenses will include 1 year of free updates. Multi year update options will also be available with discounts included.  
1 Developer
2 – 4 Developers 
5+ Developers
(Site License)

€ 199
€ 399
€ 899

Upgrade from Standard
to Professional

€ 149
€ 299
€ 449

€ 299
€ 599
€ 1,199