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IntraWeb Bootstrap Library!

IntraWeb Bootstrap Library!

A new amazing component pack for IntraWeb has been just released

We are very pleased to announce the release of IntraWeb Bootstrap Library, a new and exciting framework for IntraWeb. Developed by Christian Pradelli, it was just released as an open source project!

This framework let you create responsive desktop and mobile applications with IntraWeb using Tweeter Bootstrap 3 library.

Using the Delphi ide in the same way you use for create traditional Intraweb Applications, with very little effort you can create a single applications that look awesome in mobile devices and desktop at the same time.

It’s light and fast so it provides a great experience for the final user on practically any modern device.

If you need to develop applications for phones, tablets and any other device this is what you are looking for.

It has a very unrestricted license (MIT) so you can use in practically any commercial project.

I need feedback from testers find bugs and to develop missing features.

you can see an online demo here:

Project is hosted in github:

And there is a forum for support:

I’m sure that you will enjoy this framework.
Go ahead and test it, it’s open source and free.

We, from Atozed team, want to congratulate Christian for this great software and say thank you for releasing it to the community!