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New Session Restart Feature in IntraWeb 14.0.27

New Session Restart Feature in IntraWeb 14.0.27

IntraWeb 14.0.27 includes a new feature that restarts expired sessions automatically

There is a new property in TIWServerController named RestartExpiredSessions:

Its default value is FALSE. When TRUE, IntraWeb will restart an expired session when it detects that the browser is requesting an expired or invalid session. In fact, the session is not exactly restarted, but a new session is created (with a different Session ID). When possible, the original start parameters will be used in this new version, meaning that the new session will start just like the old expired session.

There is also a new TIWServerController event named OnSessionRestarted:

This event is triggered just AFTER the OnNewSession event, but only when IntraWeb “restarts” a new session, i.e. this event will trigger only when RestartExpiredSession is TRUE.

Please note that EExpiredSession or EInvalidAppID exceptions are NOT raised when RestartExpiredSession is TRUE.