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IntraWeb XII for XE2 delayed

IntraWeb XII for XE2 delayed

We are having some issues compiling IntraWeb XII for XE2, which is delaying the new release a little bit.

Basically, the error reffers to the package installation on XE2. We are getting the “Package can´t be installed because itwas created with a different version of Delphi or C++Builder” message error(see image below) when trying to install our design time package in XE2.

The package is built using Final Builder in our buildserver, using RAD Studio XE2 update 2 and we did several unsucessfull tests using thevery same RAD Studio XE2 update 2 (both installed from the same ISO available from Embarcadero’s website).

The link to the new version is This release is compiled with RAD Studio XE2 Update 2 installed. Please try the installer in XE2 and give us feedback about your results. You do not need to use any IW keys for this, just install in eval mode.

We already have the XII keys ready to be delivered, but we can’t do it until we fix this issue.