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IW XII: new built-in HTML Editor

IW XII: new built-in HTML Editor

IntraWeb XII now includes a built-in HTML Editor that you can use to edit your HTML pages directly from your application.

Activating the HTML Editor using the Doc.Edit tag

The simplest way to allow users to edit an HTML page is using the Doc.Edit tag. When the user opens the HTML page to view, the Doc.Edit is replaced by an link that will activate the HTML editor, if the user has permission to edit documents. Please check thi post about Permissions for more information.

The additional parameter Caption allows you to specify the Display text (“Edit” is the default value for Caption)

Activating the HTML Editor by URL

Another method of activating the HTML editor is using a URL. The HTML Editor can be activated directly in the URL field of your browser or using a link. The URL to edit must include the command  /$/iwedit/ along with the document path. The HTML must be under your content folder

For example, typing$/IWEdit/DocumentFolder/DocumentName.html in your browser will open the HTML Editor and the user will be able to change its contents and save it.