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New Editions, New Pricing

New Editions, New Pricing

With the release of IntraWeb XI, we have announced new pricing and new editions.

The new editions are Personal, Standard, and Ultimate. Full feature matrix

What about current subscribers?

All current subscribers will receive IntraWeb XI Ultimate.

Why Ultimate?

Previously there was only one IntraWeb Edition for retail purchase. It was actually called IntraWeb Enterprise, but few even knew that. Now that there are three retail editions, we needed to name them. We changed Enterprise to Ultimate, to avoid confusion with the RAD Studio XE editions with which IntraWeb is bundled.

Special Offers and Price Reductions

IntraWeb Ultimate is available for a limited time as a special price. With the introduction of two new IntraWeb editions, IntraWeb retail pricing now starts as low as 49.99 Euros during the time limited special offer!

IntraWeb Source Code

In addition to many new IntraWeb XI features, Ultimate will ship with most IntraWeb source. Source units which relate to license keys, and a few other source files will not ship. However you will be able to better debug and understand IntraWeb, and be able to make changes and recompile the IntraWeb source.

RAD Studio XE Bundled Versions

RAD Studio XE continues to bundle IntraWeb, however there are some changes. RAD Studio XE Professional is bundled with IntraWeb Personal, and RAD Studio XE Enterprise and Architect are bundled with IntraWeb Standard. There are time limited special offers for RAD Studio XE users to upgrade to IntraWeb Standard (for XE Professional users) and to IntraWeb Ultimate (all XE edition users). Full feature matrix