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XI (doc) – Document Config

XI (doc) – Document Config

Individual pages support optional config files.

Each Intraweb Page (html file) can have an optional config file. The file is always named <name>#.cfg. For a file named index.html, the corresponding config file is index#.cfg. For a file named about.html, the corresponding config file is about#.cfg.





Controls how and what templates are applied to this page.


  • .. – .. tells the page to ignore the default template if it exists in its directory, and instead start looking at the parent directory.
  • / – Look for the template only in the web root.
  • . – Start with directory where page exists.

Default is .


Specifies name of the template to use.

  • <name> – Name of template to use.
  • ! –  Explicitly specifies no template is to be used.  Useful when a default template exists, and a page needs exepted from the default template.

If no name is specified, Default is used. That is, if a template named Default is found, it will be used.


Specifies attributes related to enumerators that use this document.


Default is false. If true, Enumerators will ignore this document.