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XI: URL structure

XI: URL structure

In prior versions, IntraWeb completely owned the URL “space”. It used paths such as /EXEC/, /FILES/, and others to communicate from the browser to the server.

The fact that IntraWeb completely owned the URLspace did not allow for any easy developer customization or expansion. IntraWeb XI is radically different in this regard. XI allows developers to map code and pages (integrated page mode) into the URLspace. XI has moved its internal commands to a separate space to free up the URL for developer use.

The magic $

All XI internal commands are now in the /$/ space. For example,$/

This leaves all other paths including the root for developer use and for integrated page mode.

This change should not affect most developers, but could possibly affect a few advanced third party components. This change is being made in preparation for the upcoming integrated page mode features and to allow the pathspace to be opened up for other purposes.

For further information, please also see XI: Start and Exec URLs.