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IW11 – One User’s Perspective

IW11 – One User’s Perspective

Here is one user’s response to our last blog entry about IntraWeb 11.

From Loren Szendre (published with permission)

Keeping IW 10 for a long time (actually maintained) — is a very good idea.

We IW users recognize the advantages of the IW architecture. We also recognize that there are not enough resources to do everything that IW could do. So my vote is to make IW 11 as revisionistic as possible. Drop WAP support, move to HTML 5, cleanup the code, perhaps even dropping support for all pre-Unicode versions of Delphi. Keeping a code base compatible with pre-Unicode and post-Unicode consumes a significant amount of resources.

I personally have a huge investment in IW, and I want the resources that are available for IW focused as much as possible on moving forward.

Maintaining IW 10 for years will allow the developers of IW to be as unfettered and focused as possible while working on the next generation of IW.

In fact, it’s what CodeGear should have done with Delphi — they should have released a version of D2007 that had all the ridiculous IDE performance issues fixed via back-ports from the D2009 release. I fully support the move to Unicode — but there should be a fixed, maintained “last AnsiString only” version — at least maintained for a couple more years