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Google Chrome Support

Google Chrome Support

IntraWeb 10.0.1 will contain basic Google Chrome support.


10.0.1 will support recognition of the Google Chrome browser, however many of the javascript functions do not function currently in Chrome. Full support currently is undecided, but at least IntraWeb will now recognize it as a distinct browser and allow you to override recognition options.

General Impression

Chrome is just a beta, but so far Chrome has issues with many common sites that I visit. While it has some interesting features, at the current time I am remaining firmly in Firefox as my primary browser.

Chrome also frequently locked up and often “lost the network” even though both Firefox and Internet Explorer continued to function properly.

We will continue to watch its adoption and monitor its javascript and other compatibility issues. HTML 3.2 mode will definitely work, but current tests in HTML 4.0 reveal javascript problems quickly. Many of the issues may be around browser recognition in the deeper parts of IntraWeb where current code has to differentiate between Firefox and Internet Explorer.