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C++ in CDS 2007 issues

C++ in CDS 2007 issues

Recently I reported about some issues with the 9.0.42 install and C++ Builder 6 as well as workarounds. Now its C++ CDS 2007’s turn. Again, they have easy workarounds, but we will be fixing this in a future build as well.

I used a new virtual machine with CDS 2007 installed, but with out IntraWeb. I then installed IntraWeb 9.0.42. Finally I selected new project, IntraWeb, and standalone.


IWMain.hpp cannot be found.

In project options, edit the include path and add:
C:Program FilesIntraWeb 9.0LibBDS5


The linker will complain about two instances of an IP6 declaration.

Remove both lines.


The linker will complain about IWLicenseKey.obj not found.

Add C:Program FilesIntraWeb 9.0LibBDS5IWLicenseKey.pas to your project.


After performing these three steps, my IntraWeb application ran properly. We will of course be addressing this in a future release.


If you are using a UserSession, you will also find this unit is missing. Add this IWUserSession.hpp in the include path. Finally after this it will complain about a few other missing obj or hpp files. Just add each of the corresponding .pas files to your application and it will build.