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C++ Bulder 6 issues

C++ Bulder 6 issues

I’ve confirmed some issues with C++ Builder 6 and IntraWeb 9.0.42, but there are also work arounds.

There is a problem with my C++ Builder installation media that prevents me from installing the debugger. But I was able to get the IDE and compiler installed. I then downloaded 9.0.42, the latest build of IntraWeb and installed.

I found several issues that I am not happy about. But fortunately they have work arounds until we can fix them.

IWMain.hpp not found

When demos or an application is build, IWMain.hpp cannot be found. To fix, in project, options, path, add the Intraweb/Lib directory to the Include path.

Does anyone know how to make this setting globally for C++ Builder? The Tools, Options, Path does not offer an Include path.

Demo Links

The demo shortcuts installed in the program group are not correct. To bypass, open the demos directly in the IntraWeb directory.

Missing Demo .res

Guess and possibly other demos are missing the .res files. Just ignore the message when the demos are opened, and C++ Builder will recreate them.

Extra Path

C:Program FilesIntraWeb 9.0LibCB6Dunit is added to path but does not exist. No action needed, as C++ Builder will ignore it and IntraWeb does not need it.