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Rethinking the User Interface
Writing your first Delphi App
Images and Graphics
Extending Intraweb
Working with COM
Working with ClientDataSets
Creating PDA Applications
Error Handling
Control Size
Reading and writing custom cookies
Advanced Development
Session Locking

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External Files

Files such as images and other downloadable items can be served off a files sub directory.


See External Files how to customize the favicon.ico file.

Other Form Properties

Be sure to look at the properties on the form as well. There are properties that allow customization of the output that are often overlooked. These properties allow control over the HTML output, and more.

Server Controller

Each application has a ServerController unit. The ServerController contains properties to affect how the application acts and behaves on a global scale. It also contains events that can be defined. For more information, see the Server Controller chapter.


If you use datamodules, please see the FishfactDM demo. One thing to note, if you link your datasource properties to a datamodule at design time like FishFactDM does, your datamodules MUST be owned by the users WebApplication. This is done in FishFactDM by setting the datamodule's owner to the session data's owner, which is the WebApplication variable. If this is not done, the forms will not be read in properly and all the forms will be linked to the first and same datamodule.

Note: The Datamodules refers only to IntraWeb for Delphi.

WEB browser as GUI

There are some points you have to take into consideration here:

  •  There is a problem with IE when you place IWComboBox in the same area as IWMenu. Each instance of IWComboBox is stay on top and hide menu partialy despite ZOrder. It is due to IE processes IWComboBox as WINDOWED control. One way you can get around this is to hide ComboBox and other WINDOWED controls before menu appears and show them back when it is closed.

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