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Last Updated: 9/19/2008

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    For using Delphi frames in your IntraWeb project, you must use the Frame Wizard which will create an IntraWeb frame, inherited form Delphi 's TFrame.

    First, from Delphi 's main menu select File | New | Other... .

    In the New Items window, choose the IntraWeb tab and select New Frame:

    This operation will create an control inherited from TFrame, with a TIWRegion control placed on it. All components added to this frame must be placed on this TIWRegion component.

    For adding the newly created frame on one of your forms, go to the Standard tab from Delphi 's component palette, and choose Frames:

    From now one, you can use this frame as any of Delphi 's TFrame. An example of frames usage with IntraWeb can be seen in the Features demo.

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