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Peer Support

Have you checked the FAQ?

Often many common questions have been asked before. Please check the FAQ before proceeding

Peer Support is Peer Support

Peer support is free of charge. However peer support is not official support from Atozed Software.

Peer support is provided so that forums exist that users can correspond with each other and assist each other with questions and answers.

While Atozed support staff does monitor and participate in these forums, our focus is on priority support for registered users. Atozed staff does not make attempts to answer every question in peer support and many questions may go unanswered. Atozed staff in the peer forums will answer with short responses when possible to point users in the correct direction, and monitors the peer groups for customer feedback as well as bug reports.

If you require priority support from Atozed staff, you need to purchase an IntraWeb upgrade and support subscription.

Please do not Duplicate!

Please do not duplicate posts between the Atozed server and the Borland newsgroups. Please choose one group or the other. Posting duplicates will only frustrate those who are trying to assist you.

Support Channels

  • Atozed Peer Support Newsgroups - Please use our peer support newsgroups at using a news reader. Atozed support staff assist with basic questions to make your evaluation successful.
    • Web Forums - This is a web interface to the Atozed Peer Support Newsgroups. All messages are visible in both NNTP and Web interfaces.
  • CodeGear Newsgroups - embarcadero.public.delphi.thirdpartytools.intraweb at
  • IntraWeb Chat - A live chat room for IntraWeb users.
  • IntraWeb Daily Development Report - An informal feed of our daily development work which details which bugs or features we are currently working on.

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