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IntraWeb XI History

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  • Bug fix in IWFileParser. Fix issue with TIWFileParser, described in this thread:
  • Bug fix: Under very rare circumstances, license validation could fail when building IntraWeb applications using packages.


  • MS Edge detection
  • Fixes scrolling regions in MS Edge


  • Bug fix: Fixed Firefox detection. This bug was introduced in version 11.0.62


  • Bug fix: Fixed Internet Explorer 11 detection
  • Bug fix: Fixed IWRegion scroll under Internet Explorer 11


  • Bug fix: NOSCRIPT tag is rendered inside the BODY tag to conform with HTML 4 specification


  • Fixed IWRegion size and position issues in Internet Explorer 10. Under IE 10, we are forcing the "new" Quirks IE5 compatibility mode.
  • Fixed installation issues in C++ Builder


  • Added compatibility with Internet Explorer 10

Known issues:

Although the fix is simple, have in mind that:

  1. Our build system/machine has changed since latest 11.0.58 version
  2. Automated build and setup had a few adjustments


  • bug fix: compression fails for the first form in some browsers (webkit) if /$/start is not included in the URL


  • IntraWeb XI now uses new version of ZLib 1.2.5 as we3ll a new Zlib file (zlib1.dll)
  • bug fix: compression was not working properly


  • bug fix: WebApplication.RunParams is empty if AllowMultipleSessionsPerUser is true


  • bug fix: "Cannot find submit component" when you press F5 to refresh a IWForm


  • bug fix: "Cannot find submit component" when switching forms using URL mapping
  • bug fix: URL params are now shown in the address bar
  • bug fix: the application could not serve static content if AllowMultipleSessionsPerUser is true
  • bug fix: XML files now have proper content type header.


  • bug fix: when cookies are disabled in the browser, the application enters into an infinite loop
  • bug fix: some static content in the Files dir includes "/$" in the FilesURL
  • optimization of the process of serving / caching some static files (images and CSS files)


  • adjustments in the build process that generate the ZIP file containing the source sode
  • bug fix: WebApplication.ReferringLastURL was not being updated when serving a HTML page
  • bug fix: switching to/from IPM and IWForms was causing AV's
  • build process: source code ZIP file for registered users was not being processed


  • bug fix: OnResizeEvent raises a invalid Command "$" error
  • bug fix: breadcrumb now shows correct URL/Link in SA mode
  • bug fix: full submit events (like OnClick) were being ignored when you have a index.html file in the content folder of the applicatio


  • bug fix: trying to run the app (ISAPI-mode) without /$/start and cookies did not expired gives you a session not found error
  • bug fix: CSS file reference on templates were wrong


  • bug fix: IWComboBox/IWListBox selected item is not updated when ItemIndex is updated in an Async event
  • bug fix: favicon.ico was not being showed


  • bug fix: a new session is never started if you use a redirect in the ServerController.BeforeDispatch event
  • bug fix: wrong references for images, css file, etc, after a IWFile upload process (ISAPI)


  • bug fix: wrong references for images, css file, etc, when opening a new form in an async event
  • bug fix: assigning a value to IWLookupComboBox.KeyValue in an async event does not update the UI
  • enabled compression of all but images in Mozilla 5
  • bug fix: IWListBox/IWComboBox.ItemIndex property was not being updated in a async event in Firefox and Chrome
  • added ServerController.DocType property


  • bug fix: Access Violation when uploading a file using TIWFile


  • bug fix: Session Time Out when using URL Mapping
  • bug fix: wrong references for images, css file, etc, after a IWFile upload process


  • bug fix: Async call get a 404 error when AllowMultipleSessionsPerUser is True
  • bug fix: IWFIle upload fails when AllowMultipleSessionsPerUser is True
  • bug fix: SendFile/SendStream fails when AllowMultipleSessionsPerUser is True


  • IE6 support: added new property AllowIE6 in ServerController to add IE6 support in the application


  • bug fix: spaces were not preserved when you update a IWControl text (like IWLabel.Caption, or IWListBox.Items.Text) during an async event. Ex: '        a      a    ' was resulting in 'a a'.
  • bug fix: The application was being restarted on session time outs, instead of showing the seesion time out error page


  • bug fix: wrong links in Enum.Breadcrumb (ISAPI only)
  • revert the white space preservation bug fix as it breaks async calls


  • bug fix: User Name and Password were not accessible in the OnCreate event of the application's main form
  • bug fix: ServerController.AuthBeforeNewSession as True had no effect in the application.
  • bug fix: spaces were not preserved when you update a IWControl text (like IWLabel.Caption, or IWListBox.Items.Text) during an async event. Ex: '        a      a    ' was resulting in 'a a'.


  • bug fix: User Name / Password were not being updated after a successful authentication
  • bug fix: URL parameters were not being recognized properly when using URL mapped forms. Ex:
  • bug fix: removed an AV in D7 when closing the IDE
  • IWCompress now works on Unicode compilers
  • (bug fix reverted): a IWFrame position is always "top = 0 left = 0" if you create it in an full submit event (like an OnClick event)


  • bug fix: a IWFrame position is always "top = 0 left = 0" if you create it in an full submit event (like an OnClick event)
  • bug fix: RawText has no effect when IWURL/IWlink.Caption is updated in an Async event
  • Inclusion of browser subType of brsAndroid by checking for "ANDROID" in AUserAgent
  • More IntraWeb Sources added (source code available for registered users)


  • bug fix: TIWForm.OnResize event not being triggered as expected
  • bug fix: removed single quotation marks for font-family
  • bug fix: in some cases, you can have incorrect file references in the next form shown by the application when you use a TIWFile
  • bug fix: TIWImage was not being updated correctly in an async event
  • minor improvements in the installer
  • TIWGrid/TIWDBGrid: added Set methods (protected) for Text and RawText properties


  • changes in TURLResponderRedirect to make it respond when a session timeout occurs in a async call (assigning a TURLResponderRedirect to the ServerController.TimeoutResponse property)
  • bug fix: AppURLBase was not being used properly in IPM (ISAPI), generating wrong links
  • bug fix: (IPM) if you have a http link on your template (like, the URL rewrite of the IPM template processor was not rewriting the link correctly.
  • bug fix: (IPM) in certain situations, the template of a template was not being found
  • bug fix: deleting all items from a IWListBox does not set ItemIndex to -1
  • bug fix: FireFox option not being enabled in the SA Server (even with Firefox installed)
  • bug fix: JavaScript errors in IE when you have Google Chrome Frame installed
  • added more detailed information to the output when there is a problem installing IW with wrong key


  • bug fix: Region Clipping problem in Chrome / Safari
  • bug fix: wrong image file reference in a template after template processing
  • bug fix: IWListBox items do not appear correctly after an Async event
  • bug fix: fixed relative paths in Templates


  • bug fix: setting IWRadioGroup.Checked in a async call does not update the component state in the browser
  • bug fix: a URL mapped form was being destroyed and re-created every full submit
  • bug fix: changing a Dataset value in a AJAX call does not update the corresponding db-aware Control
  • bug fix: an async call in a IWForm containing a IWListBox or a IWComboBox breaks subsequent async calls
  • bug fix: a static file is not served correctly if you access a IWForm using a mapped URL


  • small change to speed up IWExplorer.FindElem (thanks to Dmitry Ukolov)
  • bug fix: URL parameters were not being accepted by the application
  • bug fix: (IPM) infinite loop when the template of a HTML file also uses a template.


  • bug fix: IW does not process resources (like images) that includes the word "start" in the file name
  • bug fix: IWEdit was not updated when you change the Caption/Text property in a Async event and Editable = False and NonEditableAsLabel = True (Tx to David Rueter)
  • bug fix: adjustments to fix a bug in FilesDir under ISAPI


  • more enhancements and fixes to address FilesDir backward compatibility


  • more enhancements and fixes to address FilesDir backward compatibility
  • Authentication was disabled if you install IntraWeb in Evaluation Mode


  • bug fix: unable to change ContentPath
  • more enhancements to address FilesDir backward compatibility


  • bug fix: some URLResponders were still bypassing the authentication mechanism
  • bug fix: custom error templates were loaded incorrectly (lots of ???) in Unicode compilers (D2009 and up)
  • changes to make IW XI more compatible with old Files dir


  • bug fix: ContentFolder was empty
  • bug fix: access violation when the Server Controller is destroyed if you enable Compression.


  • bug fix: Main Form is not created anymore if the user is using a mapped URL
  • new RequestAuth class function in TIWAppForm: more information in this link
  • several changes to accommodate the new IWAuther features
  • bug fix: ContentPath now can be changed by the developer (needs to override the Server Controller constructor)


  • New: authentication can now be enabled selectively on a form by form basis. Check
  • bug fix: incorrect cookie path when AllowMultipleSessionsPerUser = True. This was causing AV when accessing WebApplication in the Server Controller


  • bug fix: (Authentication)if the app is accessed remotely, or even on the same machine using non loopback, ie, then the auth fails and it just keeps asking for auth over and over and over...
  • bu fix: (Authentication) when a 401 error is returned (no authentication), the error message is not showed correctly
  • bug fix: (Authentication) A time-out has occured message if authentication is still on browser cache, but user session has expired (it now forces a new session)
  • bug fix: (Authentication) Authentication was bypassed when using mapped URLs (i.e.
  • bug fix: WebApplication object was inaccessible from the server controller when AuthBeforeNewSession is False.


  • bug fix: installing an IW SA application as a Service is not possible using the ServerController.DisplayName property: using ServerController.AppName property for now.
  • bug fix: unable to set SessionTimeOut at design-time
  • bug fix: IPM: index.html not being excluded correctly if ExcludeIndex is True and the index.html has a title other then 'index.html'
  • reverting changes from IWRegion to fix rendering bugs


  • fixes a bug in our new key system


  • new key system for bundled versions (in XE only)
  • bug fix: URL mapping is now case-insensitive
  • bug fix: URL mapping not working correctly in ISAPI;
  • bug fix: authentication logic was preventing some JS libs to load properly, breaking OnClick like events;
  • New property ServerController.DisplayName
  • bug fix:  broken ISAPI app wizard
  • bug fix: IWComboBox.GetText now returns the correct text displayed in the control
  • Reworked bandwidth throttling, and changed browser detection to be more reliable.
  • bug fix: Invalid tokens were not being ignored properly (Tags System)
  • bug fix: IWRegion was not being draw correctly;
  • Fixed template URL rewriting bug with href tags.


  • added support to RAD Studio XE in the installer
  • added new method to allow custom responder (based on TIWURLResponderAppFormBase) registration
  • mapped urls are now case-insensitive (/MyURL = /myurl)
  • bug fix: main form / session was being create twice when you use Authorization
  • Option, "User ISAPIThreadPool" checkbox never gets enabled in the IntraWeb Application Wizard
  • bug fix: conflicts between TIWFile and UTF8ContentParser in Unicode IDEs causing problems in some events and IWForm rendering (fix available only in RAD Studio XE for now)
  • the ServerController.CharSet property is now case-insensitive
  • Undefined symbol 'GServerController' if you are using "Pool Data Connections" in C++Builder

11.0.17 (this release is bundled with RAD Studio XE)

  • modifications to support new license types in XI
  • bug fix: some specific Chinese and Japanese characters in UNICODE were not being showed properly
  • bug fix: TIWImageButton and TiWImageFile images were not shown properly
  • bug fix: AV in TAutherINI.Destroy
  • Bug Fix: Unable to set Auther in design-time
  • now UTF-8 is the default CharSet in UNICODE IDEs


  • bug fix: C++Builder App Wizard now generates correct body for SA/Service applications
  • bug fix: compile-error "Typename expected" in the "Iwextctrls.HPP"
  • bug fix: URL params were being ignored (IPM)


  • bug fix: missing Initialize for temporary Sessions; 
  • bug fix: TimeoutResponse was being ignored
  • bug fix: IWServer does not create the main form anymore when it is serving IPM content;
  • bug fix: a mapped URL creates a new instance of the mapped form, but keeps same session info (when SC.AllowMultipleSessionsPerUser = False)
  • bug fix: Setting BoundIP has no effect when you run a IW application in secure mode (SSL)
  • restricting IWAJAXNotifier only to async calls
  • changes to allow the #auth.ini file to be changed without the need to reload the Server/DLL.


  • bug fix (installer): missing some DCUs for RAD Studio 2010


  • bug fix Unit InIOHandler was compiled with a different  version  of InGlobal.ValidEncoding
  • bug fix: Fatal error: Project1. Unit IWIWPProcessor was compiled with a different version of NativeXML.TXMLNode. NativeXML renamed to IWNativeXML to avoid conflicts
  • bug fix: the Project Directory edit box content of the Application Wizard sometimes included double Slash
  • several changes to allow multiple user session in ISAPI/SA to work correctly with TIWFile;
  • bug fixes to Cache URL under multiple user sessions;
  • bug fix: Session Cookies not working correctly under multiple user sessions in ISAPI/SA;
  • bug fix: cache URL did not include /$ in SA mode. This was causing issues with images not appearing correctly.


  • bug fix: cache URL did not include /$ in SA mode, which was causing problems in TIWFile and displaying images with TIWImage, among other problems.
  • Bug fix: the system was always serving index.html, no matter if the file exists or not, resulting in a 'index.html not found' error.


  • Better session management for IPM
  • Bug fix: A 2nd mapped form is now shown correctly, if the current session is still active
  • Bug fix: Some adjustments for correct ISAPI support in IPM
  • App Wizard now auto creates a IWFrame (removed the option to choose the frame type)
  • Internal changes in URLMaps classes
  • Several  internal changes  to improve performance


  • ISAPI: adjustments in the source code to allow IPM work under ISAPI
  • some bug fixes in IPM
  • some code improvement / code cleanup


  • New component TIWAJAXNotifier
  • Application Wizard: removed UserSession option. Now the wizard creates a UserSession automatically for every project
  • Application Wizard: removed Forms wizard. Now the wizard creates only TIWAppForm
  • Addes RSS feeds support in Enum tag
  • Added support to Arg tag
  • Added support to Session Tag
  • Added support to HTTP tags
  • Added support to Cookie tags
  • Added support to system params .Format and .Base (used in Doc tags)
  • Added Invalid Tag exception
  • IW XI now rejects invalid URLs like\mypath\index.html
  • Some bug fixes related to new IW XI features


  • Added support for Enum.List
  • Added support for Enum.Breadcrumb
  • Added support for #Dir.cfg
  • fixes in the installer (now default directory is the user folder (for Vista/Win7 compability)


  • fixed an Access Violation during the install process if you supply a key to the installer
  • IntraWeb XI files are now under C:\Documents and Settings\<USERNAME>\Application Data\IntraWeb XI (we still need to ask for a directory in order to keep some installer files)
  • Added support to Files dir. See here.
  • Added support to IPM Templates, Templates configuration, Cascading Templates. See blog entries.
  • Added support to several types of Tags, like Sys, User, Doc, Var. See blog entries.
  • More samples added to CodePlex.


  • Bug fix: "Dataset not in insert or edit mode" error when closing a IWForm
  • Bug fix: resize command was being ignored
  • New authentication components: TIWAutherINI, TIWAutherList, TIWAutherEvent
  • 'EXEC' command removed from URL
  • All IntraWeb commands/urls are now under '$'
  • New File Manager demo. See


  • New components: TIWURLResponderEvent, TIWURLResponderRedirect and TIWURLResponderDirLister. See here and here
  • Static Content. See here
  • New project structure: See here
  • New URL Mapping: See here


  • changes to accept new v8 keys only


  • added D2006/CB2006 support
  • new property AllowMultipleSessionsPerUser. Click here for more information
  • changes in the URL structure. Click here and here for more information
  • removed old security checks. Click here for more information
  • removed property (TIWServerController): AllowSubFolders
  • removed property (TIWServerController): ShowResyncWarning
  • removed property (TIWServerController): RestrictIPs


  • Bug fix: infinite loop if you call IWControl.SetFocus on a async IWControl.OnExit event
  • Removed unused SW* units, renamed remaining 3 SW* to IW*


  • Fixed: JavaScript in IE 8 error when a IWRegion has no anchor
  • Fixed: Access Violation when you reference individual components declared in a IWFrame within the HTML template of a IWForm
  • Fixed: SetFocus does not works on Async calls


  • Discontinued - WAP and HTML 3.2
  • Discontinued - Older Browsers
  • Discontinued IDEs: D5, D6, CB5, CB6, Delphi 2005, BDS 2006
  • Discontinued - Client Side Data Sets
  • Discontinued - Client Side Charts
  • Discontinued - umPartial
  • Discontinued - Page Mode
  • Discontinued - Page Mode
  • Discontinued - DynGrid
  • Discontinued - Tracking Options: no more tmURL, tmHidden
  • Code Cleanup and Streamlining: removed old IFDEFs not used anymore (.NET and Kylix related)
  • Bug fix: enable Opera option in the SA Server menu when Opera is installed