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Change History

What's New?

This page contains detailed change history including bug reference numbers and is detailed to each minor revision. A summary overview of major features introduced in each major release number is also available. What's New?

RSS Feed

If you want to more easily stay informed of updates etc you can subscribe to the RSS feed. Just point your RSS reader at this page, it has auto discovery enabled. 


5/3/2006 - 8.0.23

Detailed change list

2/3/2006 - 8.0.22

Detailed change list

12/16/2005 - 8.0.18

Detailed change list

12/5/2005 - 8.0.17

Detailed change list

11/28/2005 - 8.0.15

Detailed change list

11/1/2005 - 8.0.9

Detailed change list