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2002 - 2016
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Indy in Depth

Indy in Depth is an e-book written by the Indy experts themselves. Indy in Depth covers from the very basic introduction to sockets, all the way up to advanced usage. Whether you are an absolute beginner and have never programmed sockets before, or you are an advanced socket developer, Indy in Depth has material suited for you.

You can buy Indy in Depth for as little as 29 Euros!  Buy now!

Important Note: The Indy in Depth book has not being updated recently. We have plans to update it in the near future, but we can´t give you a time frame.

Microsoft MVP or Borland Team B?

If you are a Microsoft MVP, or a Borland Team B member you can receive Indy in Depth for free! More Info

Current Updates

Visual Studio.NET - Indy in Depth contains only a few C# and Visual Basic examples at this time. The book is currently being reworked to provide all examples in C# and/or Visual Basic, in addition to the existing Delphi code.

Indy 10 - Indy in Depth has now been split and has been updated for Indy 10. The Indy 9 book is also provided for your use as well, however all new updates are going only into the Indy 10 version.

It's an e-book!

Indy in Depth is distributed as an e-book because in this day and age, paper books become out-dated too quickly. Distributing as an e-book allows you to receive frequent updates, and fast world wide delivery. Indy in Depth is distributed as a watermarked Adobe Acrobat PDF.

Indy in Depth is sold on a subscription basis. This means that when you purchase you receive the book as it is at that time, plus you have a right to all updates during the term of your subscription. Since it is an electronic book, you never have to be out of date as it is continually updated and expanded. The book itself never expires. The subscription refers only to the time period which you receive free updates. Books that you have received will never expire.

What does it cover?

The focus of this book is on the core components such as TCP client, TCP Server, command handlers, building protocols, etc. The current focus is not on the actual protocols but basic content for such is now being added. These protocols include SMTP, POP3, HTTP and others. Before purchasing you can view the current table of contents online. A change log (and RSS feed) is also available to see the history of the book, recent changes, rate of change and more.

Indy in Depth is constantly under construction and currently contains 371 pages including bonus materials. But not to worry - Indy in Depth is an e-book and updates are only a download away! Each month at minimum a few new Indy related pages are added.

Bonus Materials

The book is also scheduled in the future to contain many bonus chapters on other topics such as box testing, development methodologies, database design and more. All of these will be provided at no additional cost. For a list of bonus materials, please check the online table of contents.

Broken Internet Links

Internet URL's are contained and linked in the book in some places. Currently some of them are scrambled and do not work properly. This is an issue with the PDF output mechanism and we are working with the vendor of the PDF engine to fix this.

Feedback and Discussion

Discussion about the book can be found on the public newsgroup atozedsoftware.indyindepth.general at This group is for discussion and questions related to the e-book Indy in Depth. It is not a technical support forum for Indy.

Feedback is definitely appreciated and should be sent to using this form. Do not send technical support questions about Indy to this address, this address is for inquiries and feedback related to the book only. If you are looking for Indy technical support, please consult the Indy tech support page for both free and paid options.

Download Updates

If you are an existing subscriber, updates can be downloaded at any time from the Atozed Customer Login System. Important: Individual versions of Indy in Depth are not archived. Please make sure you have the latest published version of Indy in Depth downloaded and in a safe place before your subscription expires.


  • Chad Z. Hower a.k.a Kudzu - Original Indy Author and current Indy Project Coordinator
  • Hadi Hariri - Indy Project Co-Coordinator


You can buy Indy in Depth for as little as 29 Euros! Buy now!