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Indy in Depth Change Log

Please Note:

  • This is not a complete list as it is manually updated. Items may change that are not listed here.
  • If the publish date is older than the change log item, the change will not appear until the next publish.

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Change History

7/24/2005 - Indy 10 Update Complete


7/23/2005 - Update Released


7/21/2005 - Major Update In Progress

Over the next few weeks major portions of Indy in Depth will be edited, updated, and amended. More...

7/2/2005 - Bonus Section: Extending C# to Support SQL Syntax at Compile Time


7/2/2005 - Bonus Section: Dude, Where's my business logic?


5/9/2005 - Bonus Sections Added


5/9/2005 - Older Items

Older items in the change log have been archived into this one topic. More...