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Excellent quality of a commercial product with intelligent customer support.
Comprehensive documentation.
Free Desktop edition and low cost  Team edition. 
Blogs, RSS, private folders, content composition, images

IntraWeb Studio (IWS) is a professional Content Management System (CMS). It enables you to edit and manage your website in a very efficient and cost effective way.

With its article and templates based approach, IWS makes it simple to maintain a consistent and efficient look throughout all your web site. Whether it is for your personal site, or a corporate presence, requiring multiple languages as well as access by multiple users/editors, IWS is the perfect solution for every content management requirement. Feature List

How does IntraWeb Studio work?

IntraWeb Studio is a Windows client which runs on your computer. The client is for managing your web site projects and for editing the content. All documents are contained in a repository. To edit a file, double-click it, and IWS will checkout the file from the repository. All web pages are directly deployed from the repository to the web server.

IntraWeb Studio is available in two different editions:

  • IntraWeb Studio Desktop is for single users and contains the client and the repository in one single program that runs on your desktop. Manage, edit and deploy your web site directly from your PC. Easy to setup.

  • IntraWeb Studio Team is for multiple users. It comes with a remote repository (IWS Server) that all users can connect to, to manage and edit the web site projects. Important to know is that all documents and files are deployed from the IWS Server to the Web Server. If the IWS Server and the Web Server are installed on the same physical machine, then you don't even need FTP to be configured - IWS has a local copy option to deploy the files directly to c:\inetpub\wwwroot for example.

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