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New: Improved Application Layout

Starting with version 3.0, IntraWeb Studio uses the same intuitive menu structure as Microsoft's Office System 2007. This makes users be more efficient when looking for a certain function in IntraWeb Studio.

New: Improved Language support

Provide multiple language versions of your Web sites. IWS supports multiple languages per document. Just define all the languages you need. When a certain page is edited, IWS marks all other language versions of the same page to be out of sync. This way its easy to track changes and to keep all languages up to date.

Starting with IWS version 3.0, it is even possible to translate websites to right-to-left reading languages, such as Arabic, Urdu, Hebrew, and Farsi. This feature is not limited to only the textual content, there are even users who have been able to mirror the complete template, to give a right-to-left reading user the same look-and-feel as a left-to-right reading user.

Multiuser support

IWS provides team working capabilities for managing website. Just add users to your projects and assign proper rights to them.

IWS uses the strict locking paradigm: Documents are locked automatically when they are opened in the editor.

Repository storage

All of your files and documents for a web site are kept in a repository. The repository may be located on your development machine or on an external repository server (IWS Team edition only). The repository is implemented in an SQL based DBMS. Currently IWS supports FireBird, IWS Personal and Professional edition use an embedded version of FireBird - no special setup is required.

Site Hierarchy

All files are organized in a hierarchy tree. Move your documents around without troubles, IWS's link management will keep your links working using unique document identifiers. These document identifiers are completely transparent,  you do not need to insert ugly hrefs like

<a href="IWS0815xyz">Features</a>

Just work like this:

<a href="{%URL.DOC.123%}">Features</a>

IWS recognizes that link to be an other document of yours and will connect a document identifier to it internally.


Usually you just write documents. These documents should basically just hold the "content" - and some basic layout.  To give all the pages for a web site (or a section of it) the same look and feel, you can assign templates to documents. You can create one or more HTML templates - IWS will merge the documents and the templates.

This way content and appearance are totally separated from each other. This gives your site a high flexibility: easy to create, manage and edit - any time.


Sometimes you  need to use the same information, such as date or copyrights and tax note ,  on many pages . IWS CMS has a special feature especially for this occasion . Once you create a variable containing desired value and then use it anywhere in the project. IWS CMS also has its own variables , such as date , year etc. Variables can also be other documents.

Deployment Management

Define multiple deployment locations for your web projects. Deploy all or just the files that have changed. All files are deployed from the repository server to the deployment location (the web server, that serves the project's web site). Even if you are connected via dial-up to your IWS repository server, then you can deploy the whole project very fast!

The deployment process utilizes the high-speed connection between your IWS repository server and the web server (Team edition only).


IWS allows you to import HTML and other files very easily: Either import your files by selecting a whole folder or just drag and drop a file to main file list.